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High Speed Steel

Lathe tools, Planer tools, Milling Cutter, Cutter blades, Boring tools, Twist drills, Milling knives, Reamers, Taps, Metal cutting saws, Threads cutting tools, Screw cutting tools, File Cutter's chisels, Slotter, Drills, Hobs.

A top quality steel which offers greater hardness and suitable for cutting at high speed and good wear off resistance.

Hot Work Tool Steel

9% Tungsten Hot Work Steel

Pressure casting moulds, cores, dies for non ferrours products, tools for screws products, hot shear blades and trimmer dies for upsetting tools used in bolt, rivet nut and pin manufacturing; for heading punches, swaging dies.

It is suitable for oil and air hardening and it offers high hardness retenation. It provides good resistance to hot wear and heat checking.

5% Chromium Hot Work Steel

Extrusion dies, Gripper dies, Rams, Drop forging dies; Pressure casting moulds for light alloys, Metal track pressure tools, High stressed internal boxes, Little tube pressing mandrels for water-cooling, Die-castng tools, Punches.

It has very good high-temperature characteristics and excellent toughness combined with resistivity to heat checking.

Non-Shrinking Die Steel

High Carbon High Chromium Die Steel

Thread rolling dies, Hobs, Cold extrusion tools and dies, Punches, Draw plates and dies, Cutters. Measuring tools, Pressure casting moulds, Blanking, Reamer, Finishing rolls fortyre mill.

This type of steel has high dimensional stability with added wear resistence coupled with exellent edge holding qualities.

Oil Hardening Non Shirinking Die steel.

Blanking and stamping dies, Punches, Rotary shear, blades, Thread cutting tools, Milling cutters, Reamers, Measuring tools, Gauging tools, Wood working tools, Broaches, Chasers.

An ideal type oil-hardened steel which is economical and dependable for guaging, cutting and blanking tools as well as can be refined for hardness and good cutting performance.

Pneumatic Steel

Hot cutting dies and punches, Hot trimming tools, Punching tools, Blanking Punches, Chisels, Caulking tools, Piercing mandrels, Beams Fishplates, Grates, Beading and flanging rolls.

It is a popular type of steel known for its extreame toughness and fatigue resistance it is also recommended for intricate tools.

Shock Resisting Steel

Coining tools e.g. mint and medallion dies, Dial plate and watch cases, dies, High-duty tools for jewellery, Grippers, Dies and punches for screws, Balls, Rivets, Wire nails.

Most eminently suited for meeting severe pressure impact and shock requiring a shallow hardening grade.

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Carbon Tools Steel

Cutting and punching dies, Shear blades, Hollow and massive embossing dies, Milling cutters, Scrapers, Cutting tools, Twist drills, Reamers, Paper knives, Wood working tools, Thread cutting tools, Chisels, Tube pluges, Files, Letters and figure stamps.

Itis general purpuse tools steel with high surface hardness and core toughness which provides good resistance to wear impact and shock.

Stainless Steel

Magnetic Stainless Steel

Structural parts, Armatures, Building fittngs, Air Craft riverts, Printing machine components, Cutlery, Surgical and dental instuments, Plastic and bakelite dies, Pump shafts, Spring components for hydraulic or steam work etc. It has higher protection against corrosion.

Constructional Steel


Crank shafts, automobile axel beams, connecting rods, Lightly stressed gears.


Crank shafts, Cylinders, Gears, Sprockets. Mainly used in machine parts which require moderate wear resistence.


Axels shafts, Crank shafts, Gears, Connecting rods, Stubs, Bolts, Propeller shaft joint.

Suitable for heat treated parts where high tensile and impact are required along with high endurance bending strength.


Aircraft and heavy vehicle crank shafts, Connecting rods, Gear shafts, Chain parts, Clutches, Propeller shafts, Cam shafts, Spindles Screws, Studs, Tappets, Boring bars.

Preferred to be applied for heat treated components having large sections and subjects to exacting requirements.


Application similar to EN-24 steel. More suitable for extra ordinary high toughness purposes.


Ball and roller Bearings Spinning tools, Bearing Rolls, Punches and Dies.

By its characters this type of steel has high resisting nature against wearand can be used for components which are subjected to severe abrasion, wearor high surface loading.


Disc wheels, Grooved shafts, Cams, Gears, Heavy duty gears for air craft, Heavy vehicle and automobile transmission parts, General engineering works, Universal joints.

Mainly used for highly stressed machine parts which are intended for cementation with strength and core toughness.

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Spring Steel


Leaf and volute springs, Road and railway vehicle springs including helical and plate springs.

This steel is capable of taking up a good hardness and possesses an increased stability in tempering.


High duty volute and leaf springs, Heavy engine valve springs, Helical and torsional bar springs.

It has a high ratio of yield point to tensile strength and high torsional fatigue strength.

Case Hardening Steel


Gears, Pinions, Lay shafts, Camshafts, Mining haulage, Cage suspension, Lifting gears.

Generally used for parts where direct hardening is preferred. It can also be used as an alternative to EN-35 and EN-36A Steels.

Stainless Steel


General purpose stailess steel, specially for welded construction & heavy well vessels.


For welded construction ensuring superior results in overcoming the problem of carbide precipitation in the weld zone without post annealing.


Used in industries in such medias as Sulphurous acid, Sulphuric acid, Phosphoric acis, formic acids & various organic acids for better corrosion resistance.


Used in Place of 316 for maximum corrosion resistance propersies. Applied when annealing after welding is impossible.


Used up to 1150.C for continuous service & 1050 for intermittent service in oxidizing atmosphere.


Cutlery, Shafts, cracking tower, bubbler caps & trays for oil & gas industry, paper & pulp industries etc.

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